The pitch

Fly ... A dream that shaped the history of mankind.

From the myth of Icarus to the Airbus A380, a veritable air liner, the man has always sought to imitate the bird to make himself master of the skies. A Story of Flying fools – inventors, scientists – pursuing their quest often at the peril of their lives. Matthew Barreau is an engineer, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the IUT of Cachan. An avid aviation enthusiast, he has been a pilot for nearly 30 years.

He will go on the trail of intrepid pioneers and their incredible machines, relive the battles of the Aces of the First World War, discover the secrets of Illustrious engineers and wonder about the future of aviation. A scientific survey to understand how men could, in a century, fly farther, faster, higher and conquer the sky.

Gabriel Martiarena and Emmanuelle Sudre

Jérôme Caza

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