08 Nov 2015

The crazy tutorials of Tfou

November 2015

Ensure on the dance floor, know the latest trends in cooking or hairdressing, Master magic tricks, make an origami wall or a pinata ... Discover the crazy tutorials of Tfou, 20 tutorials of 6 ', presented by renowned specialists and especially tested in preview by BONAF!

Of the dancer and choreographer Hautot fawn to culinary bloggers or DIY Passing through Kamel the Magician ; Miss Maurice, plastic artist or the actor Gil Alma, Bonaf,For each of these 20 tutorials, will be surrounded by experts from all professional backgrounds, delighted to share their tips and tricks with the children.

All that remains is to learn and integrate each step of the tutorials and put them into practice for fun and to impress friends ...

To see or review the entire 20 tutorials and many other unpublished examples, a channel dedicated to the crazy tutorials of Tfou will be available in unlimited on TFou.fr.

A playful and didactic experience dedicated to a target of 6 to 10 years and to discover from Sunday 8 November on Tfou.

A program in partnership with Www.mycreationdesign.com